CGV AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City will be opening soon

Soon-to-be-open the new AEON Mall at Jakarta Garden City Jakarta will be hold on September 30, 2017.


Soon the Kincir Ria with the largest number of gondolas in Indonesia will be able to be enjoyed. Especially for citizens of East Jakarta and Bekasi. The point, amusement rides located in rooftop of AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City (JGC) is located in the area of ​​East Jakarta and Bekasi.

With the concept of “Smile of Life”, AEON Mall JGC offers new experiences and entertainment venues that add to the ‘smile’ of all visitors.

“We provide time, place, and experience that will strengthen the relationship of visitors who come along with their family and loved ones,” as said by the Mall Operation General Manager of AEON Mall JGC, Sri Prayogio, at the same event.

“We will make this mall as the number 1 biggest Entertainment Mall in Indonesia. There will be CGV Cinemas with 9 theaters and 2,000 seats. One of our theaters is the largest cinema theater in Indonesia with 672 seats. There will also be the number 1 culinary area in East Jakarta, “Prayogio said.

Currently the mall that stands on an area of ​​85,000 m2 is still improving to carry out the Grand Opening on Saturday, 30 September 2017, future. A total of 227 speciality tenants are preparing theirself. The total area rented is 63,000 m2 with a floor area of ​​165,000 m2.

Source: rumah123.com

CGV as one of the tenant at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City will be opening too in the same day.

Jakarta! Let’s watch your favorite movie in the new cinema of CGV AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City starting September 30, 2017

Source : CGV Cinemas Facebook

As the contractor for CGV, Design Ace is working on improving the interior to appeal to the visitors. Get ready to enjoy your favorite movies on CGV at AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City.