Service Area

We provide complete services in the field of interior design and construction. Our business encompasses interior design, furniture, architecture, signage and creative design.

With experienced interior design experts and strict quality control of products and field work, we are able to provide the best quality.

Banner Di bawah tulisan__With experienced interior design experts and strict quality control of products and field work we are able to provide the best quality.__


Banner di sebelah kiri 1. Interior Design Expert from Korea 2. Quality Products 3. Strict Quality Control1. Interior Design Expert from Korea

For our interior design services, we have a team from Korea consisting of a number of staff with more than 12 years of experience in the field of interior design. In addition, as a developed country, Korea creates modern and innovative designs and has become a centre of designs for developing countries.

2. Quality Products

We help our clients by supplying their needs for interior design and construction, including both domestics products and materials and those which we import directly from other countries. In some cases, we undertake the import of products and materials that meet the highest international quality standards set by the client.

3. Strict Quality Control

We  implement strict quality control right from the first stage construction. All members of our team of both local and expatriate experts always go to the site to monitor the construction progress. We want to ensure that the constriction is being carried out exactly according to the predetermined design.

Support 24/7

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, we are ready to provide 24/7 support, both in the implementation of projects to achieve the deadline, and in response to any problems that may arise. For special projects, such as mall, we are long accustomed to carrying out the work in the evenings after the shopping centre has closed to the public, and continue working until the early hours of the morning so as to minimize disruption to consumers and mall staff.


Work Health and Safety

As a highly professional foreign investment company (PMA), we always pay attention to the health and safety of our employees. Particularly in the field, all employees are required to wear safety equipment such as masks, safety shoes, goggles and other safety equipment. Our field team also regularly receives K3 supervision from the Department of Manpower.

gambar di bawah work healthy and safety first